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9 May 2008: Kew Gardens, London

The Royal Botanical Gardens began in 1759 in an area of southwestern London called Kew (Cue)--hence the common name of Kew Gardens. It's northern border runs alongside the river Thames. Wikipedia says the garden is about 300 acres squared. Kew has many fascinating things to see, like the Japanese Gateway and the tall Chinese Pagoda built in 1761. There is also a number of others, like the Woodland Glade, the Waterlily Pond, the Redwood Grove, the Rhizotron & Xstrata Treetop Walkway,  Minka House, and several others. There are also several greenhouses (glasshouses): the Evolution House, Temperate House, Palm House, Davies Alpine House, Climbers and Creepers, Waterlily House, Nash Conservatory, and the Princess of Whales Conservatory. The grounds also host a couple of restaurant, shops, and galleries, along with Kew Palace. Overall, it's a such a kewl place to see! (hehe... it was bad, I know.) 

I would advise you to call and see if any of the attractions are closed when you go--we weren't able to go into the Treetop Walk or the Pagoda because both were not open when we went (Treetop Walk is new; it opened two or three weeks after we went). It's such a peaceful place to visit. The best part of London is the many beautiful gardens and parks it hosts--it's like you aren't in the city anymore.
Looking across the Water Displays pond at the Plants & People Exhibition House

Water Displays Pond to right, can't see it, but Palm House is to left

The entrance to the Palm House

Inside the Waterlily House

I think the next few are from the Temperate House


Behind the Temperate House is the Evolution House. Images below are of the Evolution House

The Japanese Gateway

Japanese Gateway
I didn't take this photo, but I didn't have any good close-ups of the Chinese Pagoda and it's too pretty not to post.

Redwood Grove comparing the trees to the height of the 163 ft. Pagoda

Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove--These redwoods are still very, very young

Redwood Grove

Just around Kew

The very first (and one of five) public drinking fountains I saw in Europe

The Minka House: There is not a single nail in this house.

Outside view of Minka house


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Hey Mimi! I've been reading your stuff and looking and the pictures! I think the most fascinating thing for me was the lingo, although the cyberdog clothing was pretty freaking cool too. Don't you dare!

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