Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Technical Errors and a Letter to the Masses

Hey guys! Sooo, I have been having some problems getting certain items off of my SD cards because of the whole camera issue, but I will try and take care of that--mainly it is just the videos that I have to get off, but they are worth seeing! There is a really spectacular one from Edinburgh, and a couple from York... anyway, I also only have a few days till finals (you guys forgot I am going to school, too, I bet! Funny, so did I...), so I am doing my best to get everything done before finals occur. That being said, my blog is likely to go by the wayside for a few days so that I can catch up on all my schoolwork (I haven't done much of anything, so it will be a LOT of catching up!). I love you all and sorry that it will take a bit longer than expected! Oh, and for those who don't know, I will be back in Georgia as of July 6th. XOXO

They call a cash register/cashier a "till"... I've never heard that before. So you don't check out at the cash register... you check out at the till!