Thursday, April 14, 2011

21 May 2008: Hampton Court

In the words of Prof. John Talbot, "Why should we care at all?" Well, honestly here in America we don't really, but in England, this is why:

Hampton Court was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey in 1514. At the time, Cardinal Wolsey was a favorite of King Henry VIII but in 1529 gave the estate to the King in a feeble attempt to make reparations. Long story short, Wolsey loses everything, dies following year, king take over makes many changes, Hampton Court becomes a beautiful display of architecture, historical intrigue, and officially belongs to the crown from then on. It really is quite a fascinating place. They have a working Tudor kitchen which is fascinating to see. Of the many palaces owned by Henry VIII, this is one of only a couple remaining today.

Other than historical significance, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of Catherine Howard who was dragged screaming down one of the main gallery's after being accused of adultery (I don't honestly remember if she actually committed such).

Enjoy the photos!

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